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Meet a few of our Flight Nurses

Meet a few of our Flight Nurses

Flying Nurses International has over 30 critical care and emergency medicine registered nurses who are licensed and actively practice within the United States. Our nurses are required to maintain nursing employment in the field of emergency medicine and undergo specialized training in aviation physiology, airline logistics and aircraft safety specifically geared to our program.


Brenton Hart, RN


Started working with Flying Nurses in 2010
Graduated from nursing school in 2006
Born in Michigan and now reside in Southern California
8 years of experience in Emergency Medicine
Presently employed in the ER of a Southern California hospital. I volunteer in many capacities with Hope Force Int’l Disaster Efforts, most recently with Typhoon in Philippines; Mexico Medical Mission with my church in Orange County.
I am very familiar with helping ER patients in uncomfortable situations which has equipped me to be able to make those with apprehension to fly feel safe and comfortable throughout their travel with FNI. I enjoy FNI because I get to spend more time with my patients and get to know their stories. I value being able to engage with people and have been inspired by so many that have triumphed over their circumstances. Often, I receive useful feedback about a patient’s ER experience and take that knowledge and use it to improve my delivery of care.



Flight Nurse Kathleen Edwards RN

Kathleen Edwards, RN


Started working with Flying Nurses in 1999
Graduated from nursing school in 1976, B.A. in 1980
Born and currently reside in Philadelphia
38 years in emergency medicine and endoscopy
Flying Nurses has given me the opportunity to see the world while providing nursing care to those in need. I have been to six continents and over ninety countries.
This has been a wonderful experience~

Flight Nurse Kathy Gower RN


Kathy Gower, RN


Started working with Flying Nurses in 2013 – Flight Nurse since 2000
Graduated from nursing school 1994
Currently reside in Georgia
20 years in emergency medicine, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatric and orthopedic
Presently employed in emergency medicine
I have a great passion for flight nursing as you can work with the patient and family one on one to safely get them home.
I am so proud to be part of the team of such an excellent and organized company as Flying Nurses! I appreciate their thoroughness with every detail to ensure a safe journey~



Michelle Sanderson-Hart, RN


Started working with Flying Nurses in 2010
Graduated from nursing school in 1989
Born and raised in Southern California where I currently reside with my husband
25 years of experience in Critical Care Medicine
Presently employed in CVTICU at a large California Medical Center
There is no greater reward than stepping off of a plane or opening a car or ambulance door and seeing the relief in your patients’ and their loved ones eyes knowing that they arrived safely. It is truly a satisfying experience and you really get to know the person you are traveling with, which is very rare in our fast paced world. I am very blessed to be a part of the FNI family.

Flight Robert Meierdiercks RN


Robert Meierdiercks, RN


Started working with Flying Nurses in Hawaii in 2007
Graduated from nursing school 2001
Born and currently reside in Hawaii
13 years in emergency medicine, ICU, burn unit
Presently employed in Hawaii in ICU/burn unit
Volunteer with Hawaii DMAT since 2008 (Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team)
Favorite location visited: Porto, Portugal
I love helping family’s travel home safely. It is very rewarding~


Stephen Washuta, RN

 Started working with Flying Nurses in 2005
Graduated from nursing school in 1979
Born and raised in Pennsylvania and currently reside in Modesto California
35 years of experience in Critical Care Medicine
Presently employed as Administrative Supervisor of a 396 acute care facility
I am very proud to work for FNI for its focused attention to details, superior clinical and transport knowledge by every Flight Coordinator, and the high quality patient care both on the ground and in the air! I have completed 35 safe missions to both domestic and international locations.