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Launched in Hawaii – Now Worldwide

Nursing Services in the Air

Flying Nurses International was founded in March, 1996 by critical care nurse, Amy Bosich. After ten years in trauma ICU, combined with air ambulance flights, Ms. Bosich began to accompany patients on commercial airlines. As a flight nurse, she escorted patients from Hawaii to domestic and international destinations in the early 1990’s. She saw the pressing need for professional nursing services in the air that were safe and cost effective for the patient. However, there were no formal program or regulations to follow as a guideline. With her air transport experience, her conservative approach to safety, along with a cost conscious attitude, she gained the trust of the local community in Hawaii and proceeded with the start-up of a medical travel service. In 1996, she formed Flying Nurses of Hawaii as a full time endeavor. By 1999, with increased demands for cost effective transport services, she expanded her staff and geographical locations to become Flying Nurses International, LLC. Amy Bosich was a true pioneer in the industry of specializing in medical escort services solely on commercial airlines. Since then, her successful program has set the standards for many other start-up companies pursuing this option.

Hundreds of Missions Per Year

Today, Flying Nurses International supports hundreds of missions per year using 30 + critical care nurses to travel to any safe worldwide destination. Our nurses are required to maintain nursing employment in the field of emergency medicine and undergo specialized training in aviation physiology and aircraft safety specifically geared to our program.


Amy Bosich, RN, CCRN

Born and raised in Ohio, resided in both Hawaii and Florida
One adult son, grandmother of two
ADN: Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital 1986
BSN: Cleveland State University
Founder: Flying Nurses of Hawaii 1996 Expanded to Flying Nurses International 1999
Experience: Trauma ICU, SICU, Nursing Supervisor, Flight Nurse commercial transports and fixed wing air ambulance, Swan Ganz representative and educator, CPR instructor
Other: Paralegal, implemented and instructed legal secretarial courses


Roger Lyle Palmer, MD

Born and raised in Southern California
Graduated USC School of Medicine 1996
Residency in internal medicine University of Hawaii 1999
Medical Director of Flying Nurses International since 2000
Hospitalist Physician specializing in internal medicine at Hawaii Medical Center, East and West, and Kona Community Hospital
Diving Medical Officer at Hyperbaric Treatment Center from 1999 to 2003

*Flying Nurses International is not affiliated or otherwise associated with InteliStaf or its “Flying Nurses” travel nurse staffing division.*