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Yes, You Need Traveler’s Medical Insurance

It’s a family’s worst nightmare. A loved one is injured or sick, and far from home. Whether they are across the country, or across the world, getting a critical patient home can be a difficult and expensive task. Unfortunately, many travelers do not get the coverage that they need in case of illness or injury while outside of their health insurance network. Even young and healthy people, as well as experienced travelers, can be victims of violent crime, accidents, unforeseen medical conditions presenting, and contagious disease. The cost of a medical evacuation with a critical care nurse and a specialist team can run as much as $250,000. It’s like saying an experienced driver can go without auto insurance because nothing has ever happened to them on the road before now.

No Insurance – No Entry

Medical expenses are enough of the concern that some countries are not allowing travelers to enter or refusing to issue visas unless the traveler can show proof of health insurance. Here are some of the countries who may turn you away if you decide to go without insurance.

  1. Cuba. All visitors entering the country are required to produce proof of medical insurance. While it is possible to buy coverage within the country, the premiums are higher, and there will be gaps in coverage.
  2. The United Arab Emirates. All travelers needing visas are required to have proof of Traveler’s medical insurance, and this is regardless of age. Additionally, expatriates and foreign workers must produce evidence of coverage when renewing their visas.
  3. Antarctica. While it is not its own country, due to its remote location, Antarctica tour operators require that passengers produce proof of insurance before tickets are issued.
  4. Qatar. A large number of expatriate residence relying on state air convinced Qatar to control learning health costs by requiring proof of insurance in order to obtain a visa. Private companies employing foreign nationals in Qatar are required to provide health insurance.
  5. Turkey. All foreigners and expatriates under 65 years of age must carry health insurance with a minimum of 2000 Turkish lira in coverage.
  6. The United States of America. While health insurance coverage for foreign nationals is not mandatory, the cost of medical care in the United States is high enough that even the young and healthy should not risk going without coverage.
  7. Schengen Treaty countries. The 26 European countries covered under the Schengen Treaty of 1965 require that foreign visitors carry proof of insurance that will cover any medical costs, as well as expenses incurred for evacuation and repatriation.
  8. What Does Traveler’s Medical Insurance Cover?

    Prices and coverage vary just as with your regular medical insurance. You’ll have to read the fine print very carefully to make sure that you have enough coverage to get you home safely and without burying yourself in debt for medical services such as a critical care nurse on your evac flight. Deal only with reputable companies that have a proven track record.

Handle with Care: Seniors in the Air

When Mom and Dad are traveling, especially with medical issues or after an illness or surgery, it can worry even the most sanguine of their grown kids. With the holiday season approaching, it may be time to consider a few extra measures to keep them safe and comfortable while they are traveling. Conversely, you as a senior may be hearing from your adult kids about how they worry when you travel – much as you worried when they were younger. It can be a daunting role reversal, but some tips and tricks for seniors traveling can make everything a lot easier on both sides of the generation gap.

  1. Trained medical assistance from a flight transport nurse can go a long way to making a flight safer and more comfortable for seniors. A flight transport nurse is a registered nurses who administer medical care while patients are being transported from Point A to Point B. This can be especially helpful to seniors with dementia, or who will require medicines and care en route.
  2. Not many people know that a family member or caretaker can accompany an elderly traveler to the departure gate. The request for an escort pass needs to be made to the airline ahead of the travel date, and the escort must provide government issued ID, full name, and their birthdate.
  3. Ask ahead of time. Asking ahead of time for helpful services such as wheelchairs or carts to and from the gate, special in-flight meals, seats with more legroom, and early boarding.
  4. Medical conditions and disabilities. The TSA provides travelers with a card that they can fill out in order to properly advise screeners that they have medicines, devices, disabilities, and medical conditions. Screeners cannot force passengers to remove devices such as ostomy pouches, insulin pumps, back braces, or other devices. However, these devices are subject to extra screening.

Seniors don’t have to give up traveling but instead can make a few changes in order to do it comfortably. From a flight transport nurse to a curbside concierge to get them to the gate, there are many different options to make it easier to get where you’re going. Likewise, adult kids can rest assured that their parents are in the best of hands as they travel. Making these arrangements takes some forethought and time to accomplish, but the overall reduction in stress and worry is more than worth the price.

Medical Escorts: Making Flight Less Frightening for Those with Special Medical Needs

Flying can be a very intimidating process. If you are experienced with flying yourself, you’ve undoubtedly been told by others who you’ve discussed flying with that they “would never fly”, for a multitude of reasons. People who are less experienced with flying are even more likely to hear unnecessary and unsolicited horror stories about flight. Now, add a disability or medical condition to that, and it’s no wonder why people with special health concerns hate taking to the skies.

It’s time to end that, though. It’s time for people who have special medical concerns to be able to make trips to see family, go home for the holidays or special events, or travel to see medical specialists that are out of their area. Here’s how:

Getting an Escort

Imagine having a medically-trained professional with you at all times during travel. They would ensure your health and safety, administer medications or treatments as necessary, and advocate for your accommodation by the commercial airline you are flying with. When you get a commercial medical escort, that’s exactly what you get – and it’s exactly what many people who are traveling with special medical concerns need.

Not Flying Ambulances

Many people hesitate to hire a professional medical escort because they don’t want to feel as if they are making their journey in a flying hospital or ambulance. Rest assured, that’s not the case with these professionals. Often contracted by either your healthcare team or the commercial airline you are using, these escorts are available to help passengers have a safe, comfortable commercial flight that feels more like typical travel – only tailored specifically to your or your loved one’s needs.

More Like Medically-Trained Friends

There’s nothing quite as comforting as having a friend or loved one along when you have to travel over long distances, but this isn’t always possible for those who have special medical needs. With the assistance of a commercial medical escort, though, it’s not just possible – it’s what you can count on, every time. These patient, compassionate professionals are trained to provide the kind of excellent, non-emergency care that you or your loved one need during your travels, as well as respond to emergencies properly should the need arise. With a friend like that along for the ride, your journey and your health are in good hands.

5 Ideas on Finding Medical Assistance Companies

Whether you have a sick or injured loved one who met with an unfortunate accident on the trip or who underwent surgery and now require specialized transport, you’ll find yourself hiring the services of medical assistance companies. Listen to the roundup of tips to help you find the right one.

Look for credentials

Always confirm the qualifications of the medical assistance companies on your list. Knowing they have the qualifications, experience and resources to provide the services and help your family and loved ones need means you can rest easy. You will have less worries on your plate, knowing that your loved ones are in good, competent hands.

Find one now

When you look for medical assistance firms, don’t wait too long before you reach out to one. If your loved one is in a medical emergency, then getting on-time help can make a lot of difference in the results. If you have aging parents, though, it may be prudent to start looking for and checking out medical assistance organizations before they need one. That way, when they require medical assistance, you won’t need to waste precious time trying to pick out a reputable firm out of the many on your list. All you’ll need to do to get help is to call the numbers you saved.

Consider the staff

When you pick a medical assistance organization, be on the lookout for qualified nursing staff. What kind of background do the nurses have? Are they qualified to provide the variety of medical services your loved ones needs, especially when they’re hurt, injured or fresh from surgery? Find out.

Check the services

Not all medical assistance teams are alike. Run over the list of the services that you can expect from the firm. Do they offer luggage assistance, air ambulance referrals, VIP transport, along with hospital and rehab center admissions and more? Learn as much as you can before you pick a firm.

Know the signs

Know when it’s time to get help. Be aware of the signs, The Cut says. If you suspect you are unwell, or that something is going on with your body, don’t dismiss it. Start looking for medical assistance firms to help you or your loved ones. The sooner you get help, the easier it may be for your doctor to treat whatever conditions you may have. With speedy medical assistance and early treatment, you can minimize any resulting damage or injury.