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Winner at CMSA

Flying Nurses International recently attended the CMSA (Case Managers Society of America) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Case managers from hospitals and facilities all over the country attend the conference’s vendor fair to learn about services and products to make the lives of their patients better, and the Flying Nurses International booth is always a popular stopping place. We take the pressure off case managers, when they have a patient that needs to be sent home or to a different facility by air, by dealing with every aspect of the move bedside to bedside. FNI was well represented by our COO, Dana Erskine-Pando (pictured) and Darrin Pscion. In the picture is the winner of our giveaway, Ms. Faith Holland, Director of Clinical Operations and Case Management at Kaiser of Renton, Washington. She won a pair of BlackWeb wireless over-ear noise cancelling headphones, which are always coveted for the ride home on the plane!! Congratulations, Faith!

Kelly the Winner

Flying Nurses International Attended ACMA Seattle Conference

Flying Nurses International Attended ACMA Seattle Conference

Flying Nurses ACMA Booth Headphones at Event Booth Flying Nurses At The Table

Flying Nurses International attended the recent American Case Management Association National Conference in Seattle, Washington.  The conference draws case managers from hundreds of hospitals and other facilities all over the country.  Case managers call on us when they have a patient who needs medical support on a trip home, or to another hospital, rehabilitation center, or wherever they need to go.  It was great to see old friends and to make new ones.  Our door prize, a set of noise canceling headphones, was won by Mitra T., a hard-working case manager from Connecticut.  She was quite happy to have them for the long trip back home.

Flying Nurses International Attended ALCA Annual Conference

Flying Nurses International’s COO Dana Erskine-Pando and Mr. Darrin Pscion were vendor-attendees at the recent Aging Life Care Association’s, Florida Chapter,  Annual Conference, held at the Trade Winds Island Resort, St.Pete’s Beach, Florida.  They interacted with many dedicated professional care managers who specialize in assisting the geriatric population and their families in meeting long term care needs.  Flying Nurses International brings a valuable partnership to these passionate caregivers by offering their fragile clients the compassionate expert care they require when traveling by air.  Contact us anytime to discuss your aging loved one’s travel needs.  We are here to help!


How an Experienced Medical Escort Helps with All Travel Phases

When a medically compromised individual has to travel, it is wise to have an experienced, trusted health professional at their side. If you are looking for help for yourself or for a loved one, a skilled and licensed professional can help you throughout the entire travel process. An experienced medical escort works closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome from the planning of the trip to the moment of arrival at your destination.

When Does Help Start?

It is easy to work with our experienced medical escort service long before you need to depart. This allows for the planning of the trip to include all aspects of doctor approval, information sharing, and airline readiness. The team will handle the process of getting to and from the airport, managing the check in process, and facilitating the entire flight. The goal of this type of transport service is to help you or your loved one reach your final destination safely and comfortably.

Each situation presents a unique challenge. However, help is available to plan and make key travel decisions. This type of service can provide the one-on-one support you need when planning a trip for those who need medical care or support.

Travel is a complicated experience for a medically challenged individual, but having limited mobility or a medical condition does not have to be a show stopper. With an experienced medical escort from Flying Nurses International, the entire travel experience from planning to execution will allow for a stress-free, enjoyable time for you or your loved one. Email or call us today to learn more about our services.

Case Management Conference in Houston, TX

Flying Nurses International was very well represented recently by Dana Erskine-Pando, BSN, FNP, COO and lead coordinator of FNI, along with her husband, Darren Pscion, retired firefighter and EMT, at two outstanding Case Manager conferences.  The first was the ACMA (American Case Managers Association) conference in Houston, Texas, in April.  The pair greeted hundreds of attendees and really enjoyed putting faces with names, as they met many of the case managers FNI has worked with over the years.  In June they traveled to the CMSA (Case Managers Society of America) conference held in Chicago, Illinois, and again met so many great case managers, nurses and social workers, all working to care for their patients with the same dedication and integrity that Flying Nurses International has exemplified throughout our 20+ years in the medical escort business.  We love working with you!