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Are you dependent on supplemental oxygen and wish to bring your own tanks?

Most major carriers now allow the use of “Portable Oxygen Concentrators”. You can carry on your own concentrator as well as use it during a layover. Inquire with the carrier as to their requirements or if they require an MD letter. Check with your home oxygen vendor to see if they can provide you with a small portable concentrator. For long trips, battery use may become a factor as they may only last a few hours. Most carriers still offer “in-flight” oxygen tanks but will not provide oxygen therapy during your layover. This is where the use of your own equipment would be beneficial.

Featured Adicies History of 17 years

Flying Nurses International has traveled in the news and in the air for years. Since the beginning of the organization they have attracted the interest of news Publication. Each article chronicles the development of the company and the ongoing improovements in service and safety. One of the more recent feature story in “Advance for Nurses” publication . The URL is

Guatemala Mission — What one FNI nurse did with their vacation time

One of the FNI nurses Michael Frye donated his time and skills as an RN to help people in Guatemala.