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3 Must-Have Qualities of a Critical Care Flight Nurse

If your loved one has a medical condition, hiring a critical care flight nurse is a wise decision. Here’s how to know if you’re getting the right one for the job:


Look for a company that offers medical escort services. Choose one that has a solid reputation in the industry for providing excellent and outstanding care and assistance during transport. Look for online reviews and feedback. These are typically indicative of the experience that past clients have had with the company and its crew. If they’re satisfied and pleased with the level of service they’ve received, chances are you will be too. That’s the kind of medical escort service you’ll want to mind your loved one’s care.


Choose a company that employs RN flight coordinators who are committed to taking charge of all the details in your loved one’s travel plan. This kind of assistance will prove invaluable in your situation. After all, if you’re dealing with all the other minutiae that inevitably come with taking care of a sick loved one, you’ll have your hands already full. A flight coordinator can take care of all the issues so you can focus on other aspects pertaining to the medical care of your parent or relative.

Customized solution

Cookie-cutter travel plans are out of the question. Your loved one has specific needs— in regard to the level of medical assistance needed to medication management aid—and finding a company that offers a travel plan that’s the same for all its customers isn’t going to suffice. Instead, look for a service that offers travel escort assistance that factors in what you and your loved one need. With a customized solution, you and your loved one can count on receiving the best care and help possible.

A word of advice

While hiring a critical care flight nurse with these qualities is a wise move, making the effort to ensure your loved one travels with family at all times can be even better. Competent travel escorts can look after your loved one’s health and well-being, but you being there will help them feel safe. This will also effectively lessen the confusion and anxiety they’ll feel about traveling with a stranger. If they’re well enough to travel on their own or have a medical condition, ensuring seniors travel with family is a good piece of advice, confirms The Points Guy, one you should take to heart.

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