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4 Ways Hiring an International Medical Escort Makes Travel Easier for Elderly Patients

Hiring an international medical escort makes travel easier for elderly patients and their families. Here’s why you should consider hiring one:

Patchwork of solutions

In the past, if you had to travel with a senior loved one, you would need to do research on the logistics of how to carry specialized equipment like oxygen tanks on board a flight, says the Huffington Post. That would mean contacting the airline and hotel. You would need to review airline and hotel policies too. And just in case something happens, you’ll need to know where the nearest hospital is and note their emergency numbers. By hiring a medically trained escort from a nursing assistance company, you can rest easy knowing the company can take care of all these needs for you and your senior loved one.

Better focus and care

With a medical assistance firm providing you with much needed help as you deal with the logistics of bringing along a wheelchair or oxygen tank, you can focus more on alleviating the anxiety or confusion your elderly loved one feels. For many senior travelers, being in an airport can be a massive assault on their senses. With a medical escort to take care of the small details, you can provide your loved one with better care throughout the process so s/he won’t feel overwhelmed and stressed any further.

Ease and convenience

By hiring a medical assistance company, you can count on them to make the travel so much easier and much more convenient for you and your loved one. Instead of you trying to handle luggage and medical devices by yourself while your loved one is left to his own devices, you have someone to look after your elderly traveler. There’s zero risk of your loved one getting lost in the crowd while you’re busy talking to the airport officials.

Emergency help

In many cases, an international medical escort has the training and qualifications to administer medical services or help in emergency situations. If a wound breaks open, for instance, your medical escort will know what measures to take to keep the patient calm and comfortable while dealing with the emergency. You can rest easy during the flight, knowing that when you close your eyes, someone is still going to be there to offer your loved one support and to assist him whether he wants to go to the bathroom, needs medication dispensed, or would like to enjoy a snack.

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