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5 Qualities of an Exceptional Airline Nurse

As healthcare costs rise, more and more patients find it necessary to look to other countries for cost-effective treatments and medical solutions, says Patients Beyond Borders. Some procedures done in other countries can net patients as much as 75 percent in cost-savings.

That necessities a lot of travel. If you’re travelling for medical reasons or just underwent surgery, hiring an airline nurse should be on top of your list of priorities. But finding one can be challenging. If you’ve already got a full plate, here are tips on how to find the best one for your case:

Care levels

Credentials are a given. But the best nurses are those who care for their patients. They are trained and confident in their roles while offering comfort and support to the sick and ill. To find a nurse that provides you with optimum levels of care, look to people you already know and trust. Ask friends and family for referrals.

Positive reviews and feedback

Reviews give you the opportunity to hear from other patients. Were they satisfied with the level of service and care they received? Will they hire the same service again or recommend it to their friends and family? If you see bad comments, a pile of complaints or negative feedback, that’s a good thing. By doing your research, you know enough to steer clear of the bad bets in the business, saving you time, stress and trouble in the future.


An airline nurse needs to be organized and focused. If you always forget about taking your medication on time or if you regularly miss a dose, you can be sure your nurse won’t allow that to happen. A good one will make sure you stick to your schedule so you won’t have to worry about missing a dose any longer.

Physically fit

Nurses are often physically fit. They need to be to ensure they can provide you with the support and level of assistance you need. They also know when to take a break and how to stay healthy on the job. That’s because they understand that your care and health depends on them.

Fast on their fit

In case something happens on the trip that could adversely affect your health, your nurse is trained to think fast on his/her feet. They know what to do to ensure you’re safe and protected while you’re under their care.

Beyond credentials and experienced, finding a nurse is all about finding the right fit. Be sure to check for these qualities before you hire one to look after your health. Want to know more? Call Flying Nurses International today.