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Be Prepared – The best advice is the advice taken

Traveling or living outside of the United States can be exciting and fulfilling. That is until the day, that for a medical reason, you need to return to the United States. We are not talking about the situations that require emergency evacuation but rather those situations where traveling by yourself is just not a viable option.
Being prepared is the best strategy, but what does that mean? The answers are usually obvious but often not followed.
*Make sure your passport or Visa is current.*Have all your important documents such as insurance, passport, marriage & birth records in one place and easily   accessible. If these items are kept in a safe deposit box and you need them during a weekend, expect delays.

*Have family members that are in the US have current passports in case they need to make an emergency trip.

*Register your address and phone number with the Embassy/Consulate.

*Keep an adequate supply of your medications on hand.

*If you do need help, have our phone number on hand if you need medical travel assistance.