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Four Things You Can Expect From a Flight Nurse on Your Next Plane Trip

A flight nurse is the same thing as a registered nurse. The only difference is that a certified flight nurse performs the duties on a plane. They usually have the same responsibilities and training that traditional nurses do, with a few differences that will be outlined in the following four points. If you are planning on taking a flight, here are four things you can expect from the flight nurse:

1. Quick and Sharp Thinking

A certified flight nurse is trained to be quick and practical in the event of an emergency. They know how to deal with even the most traumatic and nerve-wracking events that some people have been through. They are already prepared and trained to deal with problems in a professional and controlled manner.

2. The Ability to Control the Environment

Everyone can relate to the feeling of being nervous or anxious on a plane. It is a natural feeling that is supposed to come to the human body. A certified flight nurse can control the environment in a way that allows passengers to keep a steady mind. If you experience turbulence and see that the nurse is calm and quiet, it gives you peace of mind and reminds you that everything is under control.

3. Years and Years of Experience

Like regular nurses, flight nurses have years and years of professional training and experience under their belt. This is a special thing to keep in mind whenever you feel anxious or worried about a dangerous situation. This also helps those with severe anxiety know that someone has rigorously trained for years to help them solve their problems if they arise.

4. A Love for Adrenaline and Excitement

Most people that work in fields involving aircraft and aerodynamics usually have a love for heights and adrenaline. Nurses are passionate about what they do, and they don’t see their duties as just a job that they must do to make a living. Knowing that they are passionate about helping you get through your trip will make everything much easier to deal with in the end.

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