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Medical Escorts: Making Flight Less Frightening for Those with Special Medical Needs

Flying can be a very intimidating process. If you are experienced with flying yourself, you’ve undoubtedly been told by others who you’ve discussed flying with that they “would never fly”, for a multitude of reasons. People who are less experienced with flying are even more likely to hear unnecessary and unsolicited horror stories about flight. Now, add a disability or medical condition to that, and it’s no wonder why people with special health concerns hate taking to the skies.

It’s time to end that, though. It’s time for people who have special medical concerns to be able to make trips to see family, go home for the holidays or special events, or travel to see medical specialists that are out of their area. Here’s how:

Getting an Escort

Imagine having a medically-trained professional with you at all times during travel. They would ensure your health and safety, administer medications or treatments as necessary, and advocate for your accommodation by the commercial airline you are flying with. When you get a commercial medical escort, that’s exactly what you get – and it’s exactly what many people who are traveling with special medical concerns need.

Not Flying Ambulances

Many people hesitate to hire a professional medical escort because they don’t want to feel as if they are making their journey in a flying hospital or ambulance. Rest assured, that’s not the case with these professionals. Often contracted by either your healthcare team or the commercial airline you are using, these escorts are available to help passengers have a safe, comfortable commercial flight that feels more like typical travel – only tailored specifically to your or your loved one’s needs.

More Like Medically-Trained Friends

There’s nothing quite as comforting as having a friend or loved one along when you have to travel over long distances, but this isn’t always possible for those who have special medical needs. With the assistance of a commercial medical escort, though, it’s not just possible – it’s what you can count on, every time. These patient, compassionate professionals are trained to provide the kind of excellent, non-emergency care that you or your loved one need during your travels, as well as respond to emergencies properly should the need arise. With a friend like that along for the ride, your journey and your health are in good hands.