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Flying can be a very intimidating process. If you are experienced with flying yourself, you’ve undoubtedly been told by others who you’ve discussed flying with that they “would never fly”, for a multitude of reasons. People who are less experienced with flying are even more likely to hear unnecessary and unsolicited horror stories about flight. Now, add a disability or medical condition to that, and it’s no wonder why people with special health concerns hate

5 Ideas on Finding Medical Assistance Companies

Posted by MarlinSEO on  December 25, 2018
Category: Blog
Whether you have a sick or injured loved one who met with an unfortunate accident on the trip or who underwent surgery and now require specialized transport, you’ll find yourself hiring the services of medical assistance companies. Listen to the roundup of tips to help you find the right one. Look for credentials Always confirm the qualifications of the medical assistance companies on your list. Knowing they have the qualifications, experience and resources to provide

Flying Nurses International Concierge Service

Posted by MarlinSEO on  December 12, 2018
Category: Blog
Traveling when you’re sick, injured or recovering from surgery isn’t the best of times. If you can’t travel on a normal flight, hiring the services of a medical assistance firm can do a lot to ensure your comfort. Part of that, though, may include hiring an emergency flight nurse. Read on to know how to pick one. Years of experience Experience matters. Having someone who’s been on the job for years and who knows how
A flight nurse escort provides the type of one-on-one care and support you need when traveling. If you are ill or immobile, you may need someone by your side throughout your trip. This is the type of service we offer to you. Arranging medical clearance and handling the entire process is challenging for any person especially someone who may not have experience doing so. This is one of the reasons our team handles it for