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Qualifying for a Career as a Registered International Travel Nurse

Qualified nurses are needed in positions that go beyond those found at hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics. In fact, nurses are needed to travel with patients who have urgent healthcare needs that need maintaining while these individuals are on business or personal trips.

When you want to join this aspect of the nursing profession, you wonder what kind of qualifications you need. These recommendations could make you a good candidate to work in international travel nursing.

Independent Thinking

When you work in international travel nursing, you will not have a doctor standing close by to tell you what to do. You have to be able to think on your feet and be able to respond to any health emergency that your patient could develop.

You also have to be confident in your decision-making skills and not second guess yourself. Your confidence can be a critical component of keeping your patients at ease during their health crises. It also increases the likelihood of you making the right decisions for their care.

Even as you work alone with the patient on a trip, you will still be following a doctor’s orders. The patient will have prescriptions with specific directions on them and also possibly written notes from his or her primary care doctor or specialist.

Developed Nursing Skills

This position may not be ideal for a nurse who is just newly graduated and licensed. A travel nurse, especially one who will travel internationally, must have finely honed skills that allow him or her to handle patients with the most critical of healthcare needs. These skills can involve changing out IVs, inserting feeding tubes, changing tracheotomies and handling other delicate jobs.

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