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Travel Tips for the Disabled

If you’re disabled, traveling may seem almost impossible. When you have special health concerns and limitations, finding the accommodations you need to enjoy touring even nearby locations can be difficult. It can be helpful to have a partner along to advocate for your needs, as well as to prepare in advance. Here are some helpful hints for how to get the most out of travel despite disabilities.

Let Go of Your Pride

It can be embarrassing to admit to certain disabilities, but if you require assistance, it won’t be to your benefit to keep these details to yourself. Need to wear an assistive device? Need translation services or other help understanding directions or safety instructions? Speak up, and make sure that you’re heard by the people who will be serving you during your trip.

Keep Everything Within Reach

If you have prescriptions you take daily or even more regularly, keep them on-hand when boarding the plane, boat or other modes of transportation. Be certain you have a list of drug names, dosages and prescribing physician’s contact information along as well, in case another party unfamiliar with your routine must assist you with dosing.

Look for the Help You Need

When your plane lands or your boat docks, you may be very excited to move on to sightseeing. Be certain to wait until you can see the assistive devices, though, to make sure you’ll have the help you need in departing the vessel. If it isn’t there when you make it to the exit, you could be injured or hold up the rest of the passengers in a way that might become a fire hazard.

Know Your Limits

It pays to know exactly what you are and are not comfortably capable of. This is especially true when traveling, as you will need to alert the staff of airlines, hotels and other relevant services of your need for accommodations as soon as possible.

Never Travel Alone

If you have special needs, either physical or medical, it is wise to bring a travel companion along for your journey. A second party can help with everything from pushing your wheelchair to opening doors and holding elevators. If you need medical assistance, you can book a nurse travel companion from companies like Flying Nurses International. They staff only qualified nursing professionals, who are ready to accommodate you to any location you choose.

You can enjoy traveling, regardless of your disabilities. Need a little extra help? Contact us today, and see what our nurse travel companions can help you see and do!