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How an Experienced Medical Escort Helps with All Travel Phases

When a medically compromised individual has to travel, it is wise to have an experienced, trusted health professional at their side. If you are looking for help for yourself or for a loved one, a skilled and licensed professional can help you throughout the entire travel process. An experienced medical escort works closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome from the planning of the trip to the moment of arrival at your destination.

When Does Help Start?

It is easy to work with our experienced medical escort service long before you need to depart. This allows for the planning of the trip to include all aspects of doctor approval, information sharing, and airline readiness. The team will handle the process of getting to and from the airport, managing the check in process, and facilitating the entire flight. The goal of this type of transport service is to help you or your loved one reach your final destination safely and comfortably.

Each situation presents a unique challenge. However, help is available to plan and make key travel decisions. This type of service can provide the one-on-one support you need when planning a trip for those who need medical care or support.

Travel is a complicated experience for a medically challenged individual, but having limited mobility or a medical condition does not have to be a show stopper. With an experienced medical escort from Flying Nurses International, the entire travel experience from planning to execution will allow for a stress-free, enjoyable time for you or your loved one. Email or call us today to learn more about our services.

Tips on How to Care For Your Aging Parents

Caring for your parents as they become older is something for which you will need to prepare. Need a few tips? Read on to discover how you can prepare the whole family.

Get everyone together

This isn’t a conversation you’ll want between just you and your parents if there are other siblings to consider. You’ll want to involve the whole family so start out by inviting everyone to a family gathering, the Lifehacker says. Don’t schedule it during the holidays, when stress levels are high and tempers could easily flare up. Time it properly.

Don’t rush it

This is a sensitive topic and probably one your siblings or parents may not want to tackle head-on. The last thing you want is to delay this conversation until an emergency has arisen. Talking about it now can help you make better plans for their care in the future. Give them time to emotionally prepare for the conversation that’s coming.

Talk about what’s happening

If your parents are already finding it harder and harder to care for themselves as mobility issues become more evident, it may be time to consider moving them closer to a family member for the care they need. You may want to consider hiring a medical escort service sooner rather than later. Look into a reputable firm if you want to hire a certified flight registered nurse to come along with the medical escort service.

Listen to each other

Don’t dominate the conversation. Let everyone voice their opinion. Make your parents a part of the decision-making process, as well. You’ll all do better if you’re prepared as a unit.

Hire a nurse

If you need to put your parents on a flight and you already have their itinerary on the ground covered, then you only need to look for an air travel companion for them. Check out medical escort services for qualified and experienced certified flight registered nurse to fill that position. That will put to rest a lot of stress and worry.

Know what they offer

A conscientious nurse can help your parents manage their medical needs. They will remind your parents when it’s time for them to take their medication so they don’t miss a single dose, or keep them from an overdose if they aren’t handling timing very well. They will also check blood pressure levels and monitor your parents’ health during the flight, along with handling all the details involving baggage, layovers and moving through a crowded airline terminal.

We can help you take better care of your senior loved ones. Ask us how. Contact Flying Nurses International today.

6 Things to Look for in a Medical Transport Team

If your parent becomes ill during a trip and you must get him back home, hiring an emergency medical transport may be your best bet. Here’s what you’ll want to consider first.

Security and safety

A good transportation system should provide a sense of safety and security during transit, Aging Care says. Keep this in mind when searching for an escort service for your elderly parent.


A reputable company can provide you with a list of references with ease. If the company keeps giving you excuses instead of references, that could be a red flag! You may want to look elsewhere for emergency medical transport services and assistance instead.


Accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time. Is the service open and available 24/7? If the transport firm advertises that it offers assistance 24/7, only to have a hard time fulfilling that promise, then they have given no reason for confidence. Walk away and check out other medical escort firms that more closely match what you need.


Are the vehicles well-maintained and cared for? The last thing you want is to board a van that will break down in the middle of a busy highway. Delays and problems of this nature are unacceptable and completely unprofessional. A trustworthy provider for medical escort assistance knows and understands this. That’s why the company will take great pains to ensure the fleet of vehicles used for its transports is always in tip-top shape.

Flight coordinator

If your parent is traveling overseas for surgery or returning home after an operation abroad, a medical escort firm that comes with an RN flight coordinator can save you a lot of trouble and stress. It’s already daunting enough to have loved ones undergo surgery. Having a professional arrange all the details of your family’s flights allows you to rest a bit easier, knowing a capable and experienced coordinator is on the job!


If you must choose a firm based on one single factor, let that factor be reputation. An outstanding reputation in the field isn’t achieved overnight. Knowing that you’re hiring the services of a reputable company can do a lot to ease your worries.

Want to know more about how we can help and the services we offer? Contact us at Flying Nurses International.

7 Essential Tips If You’re Planning Your Senior Parents’ Trip Overseas

If you’re sending your parents off on a trip overseas, you’ll want to make sure they have everything they need. Here are several tips on how to keep everyone happy.

Go for a cruise

Book them for a cruise, the Reader’s Digest suggests. They’re going to love participating in planned activities on the boat. The relaxing pace of the trip coupled with plenty of downtimes during the days is something they’re sure to appreciate and enjoy.

Consider transportation

Pick a destination that offers easy accessibility and walkability for your parents. Plenty of cities the world over have excellent public transportation options so you won’t have to worry about them getting around.

Keep track of meds

If your parents are taking maintenance medication, then make sure they remember to take their meds. Have reminders on their phones so they won’t miss a dose, even while they have fun taking in local sights during their trip.

Be prepared

Your parents aren’t as healthy or fit as they used to be. If you’re worried about them getting into an accident or emergency while on a trip overseas, look for medical escort companies. If anything happens, you’ll be prepared with numbers for emergency medical transport for your parents.

Research your options

If your parents fall sick or if they undergo emergency surgery during the trip, then they’re bound to suffer from pain and discomfort. That’s going to leave them unable to deal with the hassles and inconvenience of getting on a flight. No worries, though. With emergency escort services, you can count on competent and compassionate nurses to provide your parents with the care and assistance they need.

Know what to look for

Consider the credentials and experience of the emergency medical transport firm before you choose one. Look for firms that have been around for years. Extensive experience in the field is a must. You’ll want to choose a company that employs registered nurses as well.

Ask about the services

Be clear on the services you can expect from the company. Some have flight coordinators who will take care of all the details of your parents’ trip back home. That’s one thing less you have to worry about. Will they dress any wounds or monitor your parents’ medication and dosage? Hiring a medical escort service with years of experience can ease a lot of your stress.

Know more about emergency escort services. Contact us at Flying Nurses International today.

8 Things to Help You Deal with an Accident Abroad

Getting into an accident while you’re on a trip is a nightmare. Here are a few things to help you deal with the situation if it happens to you.

Be prepared

If you plan on touring locally, it may best to hire a local driver to take you around. Driving on unfamiliar roads with signs you can’t understand may lead to a car crash, Travel Insurance Review says.

Follow the rules

Don’t try to skirt around the rules. If a sign says “Don’t go near the rocks, edge or falls,” then heed the warning on that sign. Challenging the rules can get you into big-time trouble!

Be respectful

Keep in mind that you aren’t at home. If you’re unfamiliar with the culture, it’s best to mind what you say and do. Be respectful of tradition and cultural practices to allay any problems with the locals.

Travel in a group

Traveling on your own? Think about a plan to meet up with a group, especially if you’re paying a visit to far-off sites.,

Don’t panic

If you get hurt or injured, don’t panic. Keep a level head and get yourself to the nearest health center. If you’re in pain, don’t try to ignore or dismiss it. Getting to a doctor as soon as possible makes a difference in your treatment and recovery.

Get help

Look into hiring a crucial care flight nurse to help you get home safe and sound. If you underwent surgery, then you’ll be weak from the procedure. Make your life easier by paying for the services of a medical escort team.

Look for experience

When you look for a medical escort service, choose one with considerable experience in commercial airline medical transports. Some firms also offer the services of a flight coordinator to handle the details of your trip back home.

Consider the team

Look for firms that employ skilled, experienced and registered crucial care flight nurse to take care of you during the flight. If you have wounds that need to be dressed or want the care and assistance of a nurse to ensure the best comfort possible during the flight, then look for those qualities when you book a medical escort service.

Want to know more? Contact us at Flying Nurses International. Our staff is dedicated and committed to providing you with the best possible care.