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8 Things to Help You Deal with an Accident Abroad

Getting into an accident while you’re on a trip is a nightmare. Here are a few things to help you deal with the situation if it happens to you.

Be prepared

If you plan on touring locally, it may best to hire a local driver to take you around. Driving on unfamiliar roads with signs you can’t understand may lead to a car crash, Travel Insurance Review says.

Follow the rules

Don’t try to skirt around the rules. If a sign says “Don’t go near the rocks, edge or falls,” then heed the warning on that sign. Challenging the rules can get you into big-time trouble!

Be respectful

Keep in mind that you aren’t at home. If you’re unfamiliar with the culture, it’s best to mind what you say and do. Be respectful of tradition and cultural practices to allay any problems with the locals.

Travel in a group

Traveling on your own? Think about a plan to meet up with a group, especially if you’re paying a visit to far-off sites.,

Don’t panic

If you get hurt or injured, don’t panic. Keep a level head and get yourself to the nearest health center. If you’re in pain, don’t try to ignore or dismiss it. Getting to a doctor as soon as possible makes a difference in your treatment and recovery.

Get help

Look into hiring a crucial care flight nurse to help you get home safe and sound. If you underwent surgery, then you’ll be weak from the procedure. Make your life easier by paying for the services of a medical escort team.

Look for experience

When you look for a medical escort service, choose one with considerable experience in commercial airline medical transports. Some firms also offer the services of a flight coordinator to handle the details of your trip back home.

Consider the team

Look for firms that employ skilled, experienced and registered crucial care flight nurse to take care of you during the flight. If you have wounds that need to be dressed or want the care and assistance of a nurse to ensure the best comfort possible during the flight, then look for those qualities when you book a medical escort service.

Want to know more? Contact us at Flying Nurses International. Our staff is dedicated and committed to providing you with the best possible care.

Hurt During Your Trip Overseas? 5 Top Tips on How to Handle It

Travel is often fun and exciting. But even with all the precautions you take, unexpected things could happen on the road and derail your fun. If you find yourself in an accident and you are injured, here are top tips on how to deal with the situation:

Get to a hospital

Getting to a hospital and having yourself checked out is the first order of business, says the Thrillist. If you’re traveling with a group in a foreign country, it would help a lot if one of your traveling companions knows the local language. If any surgery or medical procedure is necessary, you’ll be able to fully understand what your options are and what you’ll be saying yes to.

Hire professional assistance

Once you’ve undergone treatment, getting home is the next step on your list. You’ll want to scout around for medical assistance companies to help you. A good one will have a travel consultant to help you make arrangements for air and ground transport. If you require a nurse during the flight, the right company can take care of that for you.

Save on costs

Air ambulances can be pretty expensive. Medical assistance companies provide you with the help you need at a much lower cost. If money problems are stressing you out, then choosing this option can be a lifesaver.

Receive medical assistance

If you have wounds that require dressing and treatment in-flight, having a nurse companion with you will make this easier. If the wound is in an awkward spot or if treating the wound yourself isn’t possible or comfortable, traveling with a professional nurse will alleviate any anxiety about your treatment regimen.

Get peace of mind

Being sick and injured is already hard enough. It’s even tougher when it happens in a foreign country where language is a huge barrier. If you’re still recovering from your injuries but are set and determined to get home, then hiring a medical assistance firm can help. They can take care of everything else so all you’ll have to do is show up at the airport. They can even help with that! If that sounds ideal to you, then keep these tips in mind.

If you ever find yourself in need of medical travel assistance, call Flying Nurses International as soon as possible.

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How to get from here to there

Let’s say a family member was injured during a vacation out-of-state. Surgery was required and now it is time to move the loved one closer to your home for rehabilitation services. Here is how Flying Nurses International can take the stress and uncertainty out of that move for you:



A Lonely Flight

Traveling while pregnant can be a little scary.

Okay, it’s really scary.

The further along you are, the scarier it is—but there are situations when this cannot be avoided. Having to fly can get iffy after 30 weeks, and most doctors recommend no flying after week 32. Topping it off, a number of airlines have their own varying rules for pregnant women traveling. Some can even require a doctor’s note before allowing you to board. It’s enough to make someone already nervous about impending motherhood even more nervous. If there’s a history of complications, and the trip is unavoidable, retaining the services of a flight transport nurse may be one of the best options a woman has.

Contingency Plans

If the airline will allow you to fly, with or without a doctor’s note, you’re going to need a contingency plan not just for labor, but in case complications should present itself during the flight. Retaining a flight transport nurse as a traveling companion and medical escort can help you feel more confident knowing that you’re in good hands. You family will feel better about your travels as well, knowing that a certified flight registered nurse is on hand in case things speed up or become difficult.

Traveling Comfortably

Comfort in pregnancy is a big issue, especially in cramped quarters on an airplane. Imagine using an airplane bathroom at 36 weeks.


It makes sense to do some basic things for your own comfort, such as: wearing your most comfortable and non-binding clothing and buckling the belt under your baby bump. Getting up when you can to walk around the cabin is a good idea, but if you have to stay in your seat, compression socks may help to alleviate the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Drink plenty of fluids, too, as the air in an airplane at altitude is very dry.

If you can, try to travel in a class with more legroom, such as business or first-class. Even premium economy can help you feel less smushed.

Pick the Pros

If you are considering traveling with a flight nurse, check out as many services as you can. Make sure that you’re retaining an RN with the proper certifications, not an LPN – as they can’t qualify as a flight nurse, and should not be using the term “flight nurse” to describe their services. Get started, and travel in comfort and safety with your baby.

Make Sure Everyone Gets Home Safe

People with elderly parents worry, especially when medically fragile seniors want to travel. It is next to impossible to say no to the parents who raised you, and to grandkids who want to see grandma and grandpa. Making sure that they’re safe and well cared for on their flight takes extra effort, but it’s worth the peace of mind. This is the time to explore commercial medical escorts.

Safe Flights

Most escorts are flight certified registered nurses, which is to say that they are experienced RNs or BSNs who have an additional credential allowing them to serve as flight nurses. Clients may select from a range of services, and there are nurses who specialize in escorting travelers with medical needs ranging from mobility issues, to making sure that IVs, oxygen, and medicines are administered, to working with the associate flight nurses with the military or with air ambulance medically complex or fragile. They are trained professionals, and can make sure that you and your loved ones have a safe and relaxing flight.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to you parent’s health, your child’s, or even your own—you should not compromise. Some “medical escorts” might be LPNs, but a certified flight nurse is something else altogether. Flight nurses are experienced medical escorts with backgrounds in emergency medicine, life support, cardiac care, and other specialties. LPNs are Licensed Practical Nurses – only Registered Nurses can qualify for the certification as a flight nurse. There are times when it’s not possible to avoid travel, especially when it’s for treatment of a condition. Flying with cancer, Parkinson’s, for a transplant, or other issues means that help beyond what a family member or cabin crew can give. You really don’t want to have to pin your hopes on asking if there’s a doctor in the house.

Seek Someone With Experience

That’s why finding someone with experience is absolutely key. And that goes for finding a company with a long record of experience and a roster of international clients from corporations to loving families. Getting you or your loved one home safely is the first priority – make sure you check the certifications and licensure of the services, which ensures that things go as smoothly as possible. And that will only come from a company that has a proven track record of handling such cases.