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FNI flight RN escorts patient to Islamabad Pakistan

This medical escort by a flight nurse of Flying Nurses International is another example of the type of complicated transport the medical escort company safely arranges on a regular basis.  Each international case has its unique requirements, but with FNI’s 19 years of experience and 100% safety record, a way is found to make these transports happen. FNI has a high level of experience in international trips because they have transported patients safely to six continents and 86 countries. It is not the first time a patient’s family in some part of world has insisted the nurse spend time with them to show how grateful they are for the care their family member received in route.


International Flight Coordinator earn Masters Degree

Dana Erskine-Pando, RN, FNP, International Flight Coordinator for FNI, successfully completed a Masters degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. This was a two year endevor for Ms. Erskine-Pando with many hours of hands on practical experience and extensive course work.  Flying Nurses International is very proud of Dana  setting the bar a little higher for the rest of the staff and her on going efforts improve her knowledge for the saftey and service of our patients.

Flying Nurses International starts new cooperation with Lufthansa Airlines

The medical equipment is quite extensive and could allow a greater range of patient conditions to be safely transported on this type of aircraft.  The type of arrangement may soon occur domestically with United and Continental airlines and Flying Nurses International.  

Flying Nurses International RN/President travels to Tanzania

Flight nurse and Flying Nurses International president Amy Bosich recently traveled to Tanzania.  Ater founding the company almost twenty years ago Ms.Bosich still occasionally travels on special escort cases. To maintain FNI’s high saftey standards and high quality services she uses this hands on approch to  stay current with what her flying nurses have deal with enroute with a patient.  Ms Bosich likes to combine these trips with some form of charitable work when possible. In this instance she delivered school supplies to several orphanges a close friend of hers helps to sponsor in Tanzania.

Flying Nurses International at Orlando CMSA Conference

The Case Managers Society of America will be holding their June 2010 conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Flying Nurses International is exhibiting in the transportion sector at the conference. FNI is unique in using commercial airliners instead of small charter jets to transport patients.  In long distance and international transports this is to the patients benefit with fewer stop overs  for fuel.  Using a commerial airline significantly reduces costs to apporoximately one third of a private air ambulance. Case Managers are often the people FNI can help the most when it come to transporting their patients. FNI makes all the travel arrangements bedside to bedside and this gets the task done for the case manager