If your parent becomes ill during a trip and you must get him back home, hiring an emergency medical transport may be your best bet. Here’s what you’ll want to consider first.

Security and safety

A good transportation system should provide a sense of safety and security during transit, Aging Care says. Keep this in mind when searching for an escort service for your elderly parent.


A reputable company can provide you with a list of references with ease. If the company keeps giving you excuses instead of references, that could be a red flag! You may want to look elsewhere for emergency medical transport services and assistance instead.


Accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time. Is the service open and available 24/7? If the transport firm advertises that it offers assistance 24/7, only to have a hard time fulfilling that promise, then they have given no reason for confidence. Walk away and check out other medical escort firms that more closely match what you need.


Are the vehicles well-maintained and cared for? The last thing you want is to board a van that will break down in the middle of a busy highway. Delays and problems of this nature are unacceptable and completely unprofessional. A trustworthy provider for medical escort assistance knows and understands this. That’s why the company will take great pains to ensure the fleet of vehicles used for its transports is always in tip-top shape.

Flight coordinator

If your parent is traveling overseas for surgery or returning home after an operation abroad, a medical escort firm that comes with an RN flight coordinator can save you a lot of trouble and stress. It’s already daunting enough to have loved ones undergo surgery. Having a professional arrange all the details of your family’s flights allows you to rest a bit easier, knowing a capable and experienced coordinator is on the job!


If you must choose a firm based on one single factor, let that factor be reputation. An outstanding reputation in the field isn’t achieved overnight. Knowing that you’re hiring the services of a reputable company can do a lot to ease your worries.

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