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How To Choose Case Manager

How do you choose a commercial airline medical transport service?

How do you choose a reliable provider who can offer the exact services you or your family member requires? Whether you are faced with a serious condition that requires fast, confident transportation or you need a ground or air ambulance service to transport a stable patient from one facility to another at a reasonable cost, you have plenty of options. Because this is often a once-in-a-lifetime decision, you need to ask the right questions so you can make an informed decision that is best for your situation.

At Flying Nurses, we want you to choose us. However, we understand we may not be the right fit for everyone. Our primary focus is making sure you have the most accurate information, allowing you to make the best choice for you. Below, you will find some of the most important questions to ask, along with our answers to these questions.


Does the dedicated staff at this service boast
a 100 percent safety record? Do they have
references from the past 10 years to back it
Flying Nurses International has over 20 years of
experience organizing commercial airline transport.
We have moved more than 7000 patients across six
continents and more than 90 countries with a
flawless safety record. We are a leader in the
Are all flight nurses ER/ICU licensed RNs who
are currently practicing in this field?
Our team is made up of only 100 percent US trained
RNs. Each of our staff members has a background in
emergency or critical care and must maintain active
participation in the field.
What is their specialty? Air ambulance and
medical escort services are not the same.
Our program works exclusively with commercial
airline transportation. This is not an air ambulance
service. Because regulations among commercial
airlines are constantly changing, our team stays up
to-date in this field.
Is there a specific standard of care for those
who offer commercial air transport? For
those who have multiple licenses, are those
standards consistent between the various
types of practices and training in various
countries (such as paramedic, respiratory
therapist, RN, MD, etc.)?
Flying Nurses works with only registered nurses
trained in the US. These nurses follow the
regulations set forth by their state as far as licensing
and consistency among commercial air transport
services per our standards of care. We are an ASTNA
member, and have contributed content for
commercial airline guidelines regarding this service.
Do they have professional liability coverage? Flying Nurses carries professional liability insurance
for every nurse we hire. All nurses function under
the direct supervision of an MD.
Do they follow standard medical orders for every patient? Flying Nurses operates under a strict policy to follow
orders from the discharging doctor so every patient’s
specialized needs are met during the course of the
Are the RNs properly trained in flight
physiology as it relates to commercial flights?
Flying Nurses ensures all nurses are trained in flight
physiology for commercial airlines to ensure all
needs are met for the patient, as well as the airline.


Do coordinators screen each patient for
eligibility to ensure they meet the unique
airline requirements from the start?
At Flying Nurses, every phone call you make, from
the first to the last, puts you in touch with an RN.
When our flight coordinator takes your first call, you
will be asked a series of questions to determine
your flight eligibility.
Is patient preparation before the flight
offered to help family members and the
health care team?
The flight coordinators at Flying Nurses have
developed strong relationships with many of the
major air carriers to ensure medical clearance. We
work with health care professionals to ensure every
patient is properly prepared for the flight.
Are the flight coordinator and flight nurse
available 24/7 to handle the entire process?
From first contact, bedside to bedside travel
arrangements will be made by a dedicated flight
coordinator. They will be available 24 hour a day,
even days a week. Travel is typical within 48 to 72


Is there travel agent assistance available in
house for any sudden changes and to track
Flying Nurses has a dedicated travel department that
can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week
and 365 days a year.
Is ground transportation contracted and
insured to help keep costs down?
Flying Nurses has a list of detailed contracts with a
number of domestic ground transportation
organizations, as well as contacts around the world
for international travel.