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How To Choose Family Manager

How do you choose a commercial airline medical transport service?

How do you select a reputable provider and the correct type of service to meet you or your family member’s needs? You may be faced with a devastating set of circumstances and need to move quickly and with confidence. Do you need an air ambulance or can the patient be transported on a commercial aircraft for a fraction of the cost? As this may be a decision you only make once in your life, you need to be fully informed and ask the correct questions.

We at Flying Nurses International would, of course, like you to use our service. We do, however, understand that you may elect to use another provider. Our priority is that you, as a prospective client, make a choice based upon sufficient information. We have provided you with some of the pertinent questions you should ask a provider. Please also view our website for greater detail.

With regard to Safety:  
Does the service have dedicated long term staff
with a 100% safety record? Can they offer you
references that have a ten year history with their
At FNI, we have organized commercial airline transports
for nearly 20 years. We have transported over 7000
patients to over 90 countries and 6 continents with a
100% safety record. We can confidently state that we
are a leader in the industry
Is the flight staff all licensed ICU/ER RN’s and
currently practicing in their field?
The team at FNI consists of a 100% U.S. trained RN’s.
Each nurse has a critical care or an emergency medicine
background and is required to be actively practicing in
their field.
Medical escort and Air Ambulance are different
services. What is their specialty?
The program at FNI is dedicated exclusively to
commercial airline transports. We do not offer air
ambulance service. Commercial airline regulations are
ever changing. We have expertise in this field.
Does the organization have “standards of care” for
their personnel for commercial air transport? If
using multi-licensed personnel how are the
standards uniform with different scopes of
practice for licensure and training from different
(RN, Naide, Paramedic, EMT, Resp Therapist, MD)
FNI utilizes only US trained registered nurses. Our flight
nurses follow the guidelines within their state scope of
practice for licensure and are consistent with every
commercial air transport per FNI “standards of care”.
FNI is an ASTNA member and contributing author to
establishing commercial airline guidelines for the
What is their professional liability coverage? FNI carries professional liability insurance on every flight
nurse. Our nurses practice under the direction of an
Are standard MD orders used for every patient? FNI has a policy in place to obtain specific MD orders
from the discharging physician to meet the patient’s
unique needs for their commercial air flight.
Have the RN’s been trained in flight physiology
specifically designed for commercial airlines?
FNI provides our RNs with flight physiology training
specific to the needs of commercial air transport and to
the medical needs of our patients.
With Regard To Value:  
Is there eligibility screening by an RN, for unique
airline requirements, on the initial call?
With FNI, you will speak with a RN from your first phone
call to your last. One of our flight coordinators will
take your initial call and provide you with a set of
questions to determine eligibility.
What advance patient preparation is offered to
assist health care team and family members?
FNI flight coordinators have established relationships
with most of the major air carriers to facilitate medical
clearance. We guide the health care team to safely
prepare the patient for acceptance to fly on commercial
Are you assigned a personal RN/ flight coordinator
24/7 to manage all details from bed to bed?
From your first phone call with FNI, you will speak with a
flight coordinator who will make all travel
arrangements bed to bed and be available to you 24/7.
We can be ready to travel in 48-72 hrs.
With Regard to Cost:  
Is there in-house travel agent assistance available
to make sudden changes and manage costs?
FNI has a travel department that is available 24/7/365.
Does the service utilize contracted and insured
ground transport services for cost control?
FNI has extensive contacts with domestic transportation
services as well as global contacts.