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Meet A Few of Our Flight Nurses

Meet a few of our Flight Nurses

Our critical care and emergency medicine flight RNs are specifically trained in flight physiology to deal with the medical issues that can arise at altitude.  Many of them have advanced degrees.  All are compassionate, dedicated caregivers with years of experience, completely devoted to the safety, well-being, and comfort of their patients.  Flying Nurses International is proud to have them on our team!

Featured Nurse

Patricia Mosher

I graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago with my RN in 1963 and my CRNA in 1965.  I earned my Hyperbaric certification in 2002.

I grew up in Indiana, moving to Hawaii in 1965 on the Lurline, during which I had to give anesthesia on an emergency appendectomy.  What was supposed to be a “vacation job” for a year and a half with Queen’s Hospital turned into a marriage and six children.  While my kids were growing up, I ran the blood drives at their school and acted as Health Chairman.

I was hired to work for the University of Hawaii’s Hyperbaric Chamber in 1998. One night in 2004, a fellow Hyperbaric Nurse asked if I had a passport. Of course I did, as my husband was with PanAm and we had been to over one hundred countries on all seven continents with the children.  He told me about Flying Nurses International and I have been with them ever since.

Along with one of my daughters, I run an Adult Residential Care Home, Hale Nohea, which opened in 2009.  In my spare time I work for a plastic surgeon as an anesthetist, and an OR circulating nurse.

I find that I enjoy working for FNI because I get to think on my feet.  It is incredibly rewarding to help a person in need to get from Point A to Point B.  I get to use my skills as a nurse, see new things, and experience the friendship of my coworkers.

Patricia Mosher

Kathleen Edwards, RN

Started working with Flying Nurses in 2008
Over 150 cases flown

Kathy Gower, RN

Started working with Flying Nurses in 2013
Over 100 cases flown

Diana Schuman, RN

Started working with Flying Nurses in 1998
Over 100 cases flown

Patricia Mosher, RN, CRNA

Started working with Flying Nurses in 2004
Over 500 cases flown

Eric Ishida, RN

Started working with Flying Nurses in 2007
Over 30 cases flown

Mark Gray, RN

Started working with Flying Nurses in 2008
Over 50 cases flown

Mark Roblett, RN

Started working with Flying Nurses in 2005
Over 20 cases flown

Lisa Peddle, RN, CCRN

Flying with us since 2017. Due to an injury, Lisa was out for most of 2018, but we are happy she is well and ready to fly for us again. Welcome back, Lisa!

Jackie Nishida, RN, CCRN

Flying Nurses International welcomes our newest nurse to the company!

Marc Brinsley, RN, CCRN

Started working with the company in late 2018.Over 25 cases flown.