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Other Services

Other Services

Luggage Assistance

Our staff and ground transport teams assist with all luggage transfers (including pet transport as necessary).

Hospital and Rehab Center Admissions

Our coordinators work with the sending and receiving hospitals and Rehab Centers to make a smooth, coordinated discharge, transfer and admission.


We request/require DVT prophylaxis for every patient (if their condition warrants) and we assist our patients to exercise their lower extremities every 2 hours while in flight.

Air Ambulance Referral

We refer to air ambulance should the patient not be appropriate for FNI.

Concentrator (Oxygen)

We supply portable oxygen concentrators when oxygen is required by the patient (at an additional cost).

VIP Transport

We can offer VIP Transport with additional nursing support, security, limo service, etc. (at an additional cost).

Automated External Defibrillator Trained

All of our flight nurses are specifically trained in the use of the AED. Each commercial aircraft is required by FAA regulations to carry an AED. Each airport also has AED’s strategically placed throughout the terminals.

Concierge Services

We work with several specific concierge services (medical tourism, research, etc). We also offer concierge services as part of our bedside to bedside philosophy by working with the sending and receiving facilities, providing all air and ground transportation, equipment needs, and nursing personnel.

Companion Service

We can also offer companion service for those patients that may not have a specific medical need. For example, we travel with clients that may have a fear of flying, anxiety related issues, or mental incapacitation that preclude them from flying alone.

AmTrak Transport Services

We are able to travel with clients by AmTrak or train service for those that are unable or unwilling to travel by air. For example, a client that cannot travel by air due to respiratory complications in which traveling at altitude would be detrimental to their health.

First Aid Response Team/Event Service

We are happy to provide a nurse or nurse team to act as first aid response at team events as needed (at an additional cost).

Medical Tourism

Our nurses travel to many countries to assist clients traveling for such treatments as: stem cell, aesthetic medicine, bariatric surgery and many others.

Accompanied Minor Transport

We can offer companion service to minors that are not accompanied by a parent or guardian. We also transport children between the ages of 3-18 who have medical needs requiring a medically trained professional.

Adoption Escort Services

We can offer a medical escort to clients who are adopting a medically challenging child and request/require a medical professional who is specifically trained in PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support).

Weather Monitoring

We monitor all flights and weather related issues for each case.

Nursing staff based in multiple regions around the world

We have staff throughout the US as well as Europe.

Corporate Client Service

We can offer VIP service to our corporate clients by billing for service (not fee for service), exclusive coordinator service throughout the case, assistance with consulate/visa issues, etc.