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  • We Bring the Required Medical Equipment to You
  • We Ensure Comfort and Relaxation in a First Class Seat
Flight RN’s Assist with All Phases of Medical Travel


Our medical air transport services range from commercial airline nurse escort service to air travel consulting.  Medical transportation, by way of train, ship or ground can be arranged in unique circumstances.  Flying Nurses International will coordinate all of the details for air and ground travel and provide a flight nurse escort to accompany the more acutely ill or injured patient traveling on a commercial airline or a private aircraft. We are able to transport patients in first or business class seats very comfortably and safely.

Assistance with all phases of travel.

If traveling from your home, a hotel, a cruise ship, or hospital bed, we travel with you until you reach your final destination. After determining your medical transport needs and consulting with your health care provider, we will advise you as to the safest, most cost effective form of travel.


A key component to planning a safe transport is having one point of contact who understands all the details of your transport. You will work with one RN Flight Coordinator from start to finish who is available to you 24/7.  We collaborate with our travel agents on selecting which carrier and which route is best suited for our patients.


We obtain travel documents and medical orders necessary for your medical transport. Written medical clearance is obtained from your primary care physician and is required by most major airline carriers. We streamline your travel needs by coordinating all ground and air transportation including: oxygen, wheelchair, ambulation assistive devices, and other specialized medical equipment. We will coordinate each travel detail to ensure that all your medical transport needs are met from bedside to bedside. We can also assist in obtaining confirmation of insurance benefits.


We closely monitor your medical status from your first phone call until reaching your destination. Under the direction of your personal physician and health care team, we receive updated medical reports until your departure to ensure that we modify your flight plan to secure a safe arrival. All treatment administered in-flight follows medical orders provided by your primary care physician. Emergency treatment is performed in accordance with the American Heart Association Basic Life Support Standards.

*Flying Nurses International is not affiliated or otherwise associated with InteliStaf or its “Flying Nurses” travel nurse staffing division.*