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(Indianapolis to Houston)….. Comforting Combination of Friendliness and Competence

I am so impressed with the service that your staff provided to arrange and then transport my father…

I write to tell you how impressed I am with the service that your staff provided to arrange and then transport my father, Errol A. Evans, from a hospital in Indianapolis to a nursing home in Houston. First, I want to commend Dana Erskine-Pando for being so knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough with respect to all arrangements, and also for her frequent communications to keep me abreast of developments. Dana provided a remarkably comforting combination of friendliness and competence that I valued at such a stressful time. Second, I thank Kathleen Edwards for enduring a great challenge in transporting a frightened and delusional man to a place where he can be properly cared for. When my father became combative on the airplane, Kathleen could have simply abandoned the effort and refused to deal with such a patient. Instead, she persevered and ‘did what it took’ to complete the mission. If you have other RN’s that demonstrate the dedication that Kathleen demonstrated, you are indeed fortunate. In the process of dealing with my father’s situation over the past six weeks, I have learned how many middle-aged people are struggling with the issues of elderly parents. This appears to be a silent epidemic. I intend to endorse Flying Nurses Inc. as often as possible when I encounter others who might benefit from your services.

Thank you again, Dana and Kathleen, patients daughter, Houston