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Lynda B

“Dear Amy, Wanted to send you some of the feedback from John’s friends and family pertaining to his transportation. We are very grateful for all the help and support that was given by you, Dana, and FNI in this very difficult and emotional undertaking I certainly have a new awareness and respect for all that you do for your clients, it’s not an easy process. This one was down to the wire with medical clearance coming just in the nick of time and everything coming together beautifully to provide John a safe and comfortable trip. Because of his past with Air New Zealand, he was VIP’d the whole way. He had nothing but wonderful things to say of the nurse. Behind the scenes your flight coordinator, Dana played a starring roll and got it all accomplished. The burden to repatriate him fell on his family, I am aware of the favor you did and am truly appreciative on their behalf. My heartfelt thanks, Lynda”