• Thank you for being the nurse that accompanied Danny to Hong Kong. Your professionalism and expertise allowed all of the staff to let Danny go to Hong Kong with confidence that he would have excellent care during his trip.
    It has been a pleasure working with you and if I need to transport a patient again in the future you will be the first company I call.

    We look forward to the picture of Danny and his family.
    Thank you again.

    Lisa A. RN

    Lead Case Manager
    Eden Medical Center

  • To My Management Team

    Bob, Dana, Pat, Lynda, and Dave

    I attribute much of the success of FNI to the dedication and devotion you have offered this organization. You know the importance I place on 'teamwork', from the very first phone call to the debriefing when a case is complete. You help inspire me, our staff and our clients. Our model of organization should be shared with every business, don't you think?

    Thank you for keeping everyone safe~

    Amy Bosich, RN, CCRN


  • I want to extend my gratitude for all that you did to help our family through this ordeal. The roller coaster that the insurance abroad put us through almost drove my mother in law crazy. You really saved the day! I also want to send Kathleen our thanks, she was wonderful and took control and helped my father to have a comfortable trip, he was able to sleep most of the way. I would be more than happy to provide a testimonial or anything you need, I would be more than happy to provide a testimonial or anything you need, your services were incredible, the ease at which this went still amazes me. Not to mention how much money you saved us not having to go through the overseas system. They were going to charge around 70,000 dollars. Your care for human beings and not just a business transaction put us emotionally at ease to that we could focus on him instead of the process.

    With many thanks and best regards,

    The Bjornson

  • THANK YOU for your expertise in following the travelers along stop by stop. I really appreciated your updates and was able to keep his local Community and his family up to date with the information you sent to me. It was a pleasure working with Flying Nurses International.....especially with you....... and I would not hesitate recommending you to other professional colleagues. If I am "in a pinch" again, I will be in touch with you. God bless you and all of your work.

    Sister Maryann B. RSM RN MSN

  • We utilize the services of Flying Nurses as they are a fully insured and experienced medical escort service. They have vast experience in booking flights, obtaining appropriate medical clearances, responding to airlines medical inquiries regarding the patient, and performing all medical services and treatments required for the patient. We work with one nurse coordinator during the entire planning period which ensures efficiency. The coordinator responds immediately to our calls no matter what the hour. In addition, the nurse escort also arrive prior to the scheduled flight to meet the medical staff, patient and family, so they can be briefed on the expectations of the upcoming journey.

    With respect to Flying Nurses extensive experience in transporting our clients, we allow them to make all of the arrangements as they always expedite all processes in the most efficient manner.

    Carol F.
    Director, Global Health and Safety Services
    HTH Worldwide
    Lead Case Manager



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