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Case Management Conference in Houston, TX

Flying Nurses International was very well represented recently by Dana Erskine-Pando, BSN, FNP, COO and lead coordinator of FNI, along with her husband, Darren Pscion, retired firefighter and EMT, at two outstanding Case Manager conferences.  The first was the ACMA (American Case Managers Association) conference in Houston, Texas, in April.  The pair greeted hundreds of attendees and really enjoyed putting faces with names, as they met many of the case managers FNI has worked with over the years.  In June they traveled to the CMSA (Case Managers Society of America) conference held in Chicago, Illinois, and again met so many great case managers, nurses and social workers, all working to care for their patients with the same dedication and integrity that Flying Nurses International has exemplified throughout our 20+ years in the medical escort business.  We love working with you!